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The world of sauces and dressings has always been associated with producers of powerful trademark names. For some, there was little room for new products to compete, much less if the proposal involved was a sophisticated and exotic offering. That was not the same thought of our group who enthusiastically decided to challenge market orthodoxy embracing innovation.


After a successful professional career in Venezuela, our country of origin organized ourselves around our passion for food and the idea of creating new innovative sauces and flavor experiences; the concept of tropical fruits dressings was born and its commercialization initiated in 2003 under the brand name orinoquia


After thirteen years of successful commercial experience and with international exposure in Europe and Central America, they bring the concept to the North American Market under the brand name amazonia

Venezuela, South America

Amazonia is a line of specialized products meant to change the way dressings and sauces, in general, are seen by consumers. Formulated using natural tropical fruits they add to an innovative palette of new flavor sensations the attributes of convenience and practicality

             Our Founders.

Jorge L. Suárez

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Jorge is a business executive and entrepreneur with a long professional experience in negotiation, sales, and business development.  After sharing the market success with orinoquia   brand in 2010, decided to join efforts with the group of original entrepreneurs, this time with amazonia    as the Managing Director. He is confident that bringing the Amazonian flavors to America will make people fall in love with these fruits and essences. 

Emilio Abreu

COO & Co-Founder

An entrepreneur by heart, Emilio is a co-founder and member of the business development group of the Orinoquia Project since 2002. After a long career as a business executive, orinoquia became his life project enjoying multiple and rewarding experiences associated with the creation of new food product formulations. Emilio is a co-founder of the new amazonia initiative since 2015 and is looking forward to changing the way sauces and dressings are being consumed!

Franzo Marruffo

CTO & Co-Founder

After a long and successful career as a researcher and business executive in an international corporation, Franzo embraced his love for food. His abilities as a self-trained cook moved him to explore ways to innovate in this industry and since 2003 he has been involved as a product developer with orinoquia    and now with amazonia   formulating products that meet the highest standards of quality of which they feel proud and blessed. Franzo can wait to see what you think about them!

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