Frequently asked questions

What is in the brand name of the product?

The selection of the Amazonia    brand name is intended to project our products the sense of nature, purity, exoticism, and ethnicity that derives from the most important green forest of the planet. As a socially responsible company, will become an active part of support to those groups and organizations that confront the human-led destruction that has been taken place for many years. 
What other flavors do you offer? 

The fruit-based products are our signature line. We will expand our fruit based line with product proposals that are convenient, healthy and differentiated in flavor. 
How many product presentations do you offer?

The 355ml glass bottle container for Retail sale and the Food Service presentation in both half gallon (1.89 L) and one gallon (3.8 L) for Hotels, Restaurants and Catering Service. 
Where can I buy these products?

You can access our map search service to select the point of sale of your convenience. You can also conveniently do it through our secure internet store or the Amazon Store under Amazonia   Dressings.
Is there a policy of quality guarantee for the products?

The Amazonia   products are backed by a 100% quality guarantee. If an unexpected situation arises where the product losses its basic physical-chemical or organoleptic characteristics, Amazonia   will offer full replacement of the product.


Can I become a sales representative for the products?

You could certainly become a member of the Amazonia   family. Please register through our web page ( or call the office (Florida Branch 954 4823357, Houston Branch: 832 5801936) to learn about details.
How do I use the products?

The fruit-based dressings are a carefully balanced mix of flavors with a sweet touch. It is a fresh dresser of salads of all types, especially those accompanied with white meat or poultry. Its deep fruity flavor makes them an excellent kitchen helper either for marinating or straight cooking of your chicken or seafood. Its creamy consistency can be enjoyed as a dipping sauce for nuggets, mozzarella cheese fingers and all sorts of hor d’oeuvres
For the curious cook or food service professional, they can also be used as a flavor base to mix it with another sauce to add the fruity touch to the final recipe.
What is the shelf life of the product?

They have a shelf life of 18 months for the glass vessel and 12 months for the Food Service presentation; must be kept in the refrigerator after opening. 
To guarantee product freshness before opening, it should be stored in a fresh environment. 
What can you say about the healthy attributes of these products?

They are manufactured following certified processing procedures, especially those in compliance with the FDA. Only the best ingredients are used and all providers must observe/pass demanding rules/filters in order to be accepted as one. The most distinctive component of the formulation (fruit ingredient) is natural fruit pulp, no artificial flavor or flavor enhancers of any kind are used.
No corn starch or derivatives from wheat are present, so this line can be declared Gluten Free. No artificial sweeteners are present, not even the commonly used natural alternative of high fructose corn syrup. We only use natural cane sugar to a point where total sugar content is only 5% per serving. It does not require to be refrigerated while on storage and before opening. 
A small number of additives are used to avoid the oil component becoming rancid, to preserve flavor and to protect the product from bacteria or mold growth.

Are these products Kosher certified? 

They are not currently Kosher certified.


What recommendation do you offer to the consumer affected by allergens?

The bottle label shows which allergens may be present in the product.
Where is this line of products manufactured?

Currently, they are manufactured in Monterrey, State of Nuevo León, México. Other facilities in Texas and Florida are being evaluated for their production. 
Are these products affected by seasonality? 

In our quest to make these products as natural and fresh as possible, some of the fruit pulps may be affected.


Should I consume these products if I am following a Low Carb diet? 

All three products in the fruit-based line are low in carb content (less than 2 gr. per serving). 

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