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Passion Fruit Delight

Can be enjoyed as a fresh addition to garden salads; enjoy a different sensation by combining greens with cherries, apples, and nuts, add chicken and thoroughly drizzle with the dressing. Also, use it as a sauce accompanying Salmon or white fish or try it as a dipping sauce with mozzarella cheese sticks, the combinations are endless.

Tamarind Zest

Make wonderful combinations with everything from salads to fish; use it as a dipping sauce, for grilling or BBQing shrimp and seafood in general. Blend it with your favorite hot sauce and turn it into an Asian-type sauce.

Pineapple Bliss

Add flavor to cooked vegetables or a garden salad that tastes fresh and flavorful. Marinate chicken or poultry, cook it with our sauce and feel the difference​

Three flavors are part of the Amazonia product portfolio:

  • Amazonia Tamarind Zest

  • Amazonia Passion Fruit Delight

  • Amazonia Pineapple Bliss





Product Attributes and Uses

  • Use of selected natural ingredients

  • Highly certified manufacturing procedures (FDA certified)

  • No artificial flavors

  • No flavor enhancers

  • No colorants

  • Gluten Free

  • No HFCS (High Fructose corn syrup)


Besides being excellent companions for salads could be used to marinate white meats, seafood, and poultry.


  • Amazonia's Passion Fruit Delight pairs well as a dipping sauce for Chicken Nuggets.

  • Marinate fish fillets or pan-fry or BBQ king shrimps with any of the three fruit flavors.

  • Give a differentiated and unique flavor to your typical Tuna Salad using Amazonia's Pineapple Bliss or Amazonia's Passion Fruit Delight.

  • Prepare Salmon Rolls accompanied with Amazonia's Passion Fruit Delight.

  • Cold Salads with either cooked pasta, chicken or tuna could turn out to be a satisfying and differentiated combination of flavors with Amazonia's Tamarind Zest or Amazonia's Passion Fruit Delight.

  • Amazonia's flavor variety of sauces and dressings are an appealing solution to accompany fish or meat fondues.

  • You could actually cook a chicken breast or any other piece of meat using any of our dressings instead of regular cooking oil.

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